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Frågor om Kuiperbelt S1

  • Is S1 legal to drive on the road?
    Absolutely! The S1 holds an EPAC certification from TÜV under EN 15194:2017 as a pedal-assist electric vehicle. You're not just compliant; you're cruising with confidence.
  • Is a license plate needed for S1?
    Within the EU, there's no need for a license plate because the S1 is recognized as a pedal-assist electric bike, not a moped, freeing you from that extra hassle. In other countries, the rules vary. For example, China requiring a local e-scooter license. We advise checking with local authorities or reaching out to us at for guidance in other regions.
  • Is a driving license needed for S1?
    No, not in the slightest. Just bring your adventurous spirit and appropriate outfit, and you're all set to explore the open road.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet when riding S1?
    While helmet laws differ by country, we're on safety first and strongly recommend wearing a helmet. It's a smart move for all your riding adventures. You can check our branded helmets here.
  • Is there GPS for tracking?
    The ebike itself does not have built-in GPS, but we offer a range of accessories like ebiking AR Glasses and GPS tracker to keep you connected and track your journeys. Explore our accessories for an enhanced ride. You can find them here.
  • Can I insure my S1?
    Insuring your ebike is a wise choice for peace of mind. Insurance options can vary, so we suggest checking with your local retailer for the best advice tailored to your location. Whether it's covered under home insurance in Sweden or requires additional security measures in the Netherlands, we're here to make sure your S1 qualifies for the best protection.
  • Can I add racks or carriers to S1?
    Certainly! The S1 is designed with versatility in mind, ready to be your hauler for all adventures. Equip it with our custom-designed racks to fit your needs and pannier bags of almost any make.
  • Can I fit a child seat on the rear rack?
    Absolutely. Safety and compatibility are key, so we recommend using certified child seats. If your little adventurer is over six, consider a trailer for their riding enjoyment.
  • Can I add a trailer to S1?
    Yes, our special connectors ensure you can attach a trailer for your journey. You can find them here.
  • Can I adjust saddle height?
    Our unique frame design means traditional height adjustments aren't possible. But we offer an alternative high saddle for extra "leg room." Plus, our optimized crankarm length of 152mm ensures a smooth ride for all. Different saddles can be found here.
  • I am not sure if my height is suitable for the ebike.
    With a saddle height of 78cm, the S1 suits riders from 158cm to 190cm. But since comfort is personal, we recommend taking a test ride through our retailers, who can be found here.
  • Can two people ride on one ebike?
    Double-check the legal side in your country first. For places where it's a go, like the Netherlands, our duo-saddle option has you covered for tandem adventures. You can find it here.
  • Can the batteries be removed for charging?
    Yes. Ease of use is key - our battery slides out smoothly and locks securely, making charging a breeze wherever you are.
  • What is the range of S1 on a single charge?
    We stick to real-world figures: expect a range of 60km to 90km, though variables like terrain and riding style will have their say. Need more? Check out our larger battery option for those extra-long rides.
  • Can I get a larger battery?
    The current battery of 48V/15Ah/720Wh already provides a good range. We also offer 48V/25Ah/1200Wh battery as an accessory, which is currently in production. You can learn more here. It is not yet possible to buy the ebike along with 25Ah due to logistics constraints, but we are working hard to address it.
  • Does the S1 eBike come assembled?
    We ship the S1 97% assembled to spare you the headache. You only need to put on the pedals and the handlebar to hit the road.
  • What’s included in the box when I receive the ebike?
    Just everything you need for a stellar ride: a battery charger, user manual in multiple languages, a toolkit for quick fixes, and a bespoke phone holder.
  • How long is the warranty?
    We offer a 2-year limited warranty on major parts (frame, motor and battery), and 1-year limited warranty on all other parts.
  • Where is S1 manufactured?
    S1 is proudly assembled in China, at a facility known for its quality and innovation, with parts sourced globally under the banner of sustainability and performance.
  • Why S1 is more expensive than some similar models online?
    Let’s be transparent by diving into where your hard-earned cash is going when you pick up one of our e-bikes: Production costs Instead of using the cookie-cutter mass-produced frames, we craft our own patented design. We use as many high-quality spare parts as possible. Our assembly line has passed stringent inspection on quality and environmental protection, and for providing a fair working environment for all its staff. Logistics spend We ship our products via rail whenever possible. Although rail shipment can cost 50% or more, it keeps us on schedule and is more climate smart. Duties and taxes No shortcuts here. We pay all duties and taxes duly. Warranty and service coins We’ve invested in spare part warehousing in Europe, so that in case your ebike needs a quick fix, the spare parts will be with you in a flash. Support to local bike shops We are the biggest fans of local bike shops! By weaving them into our distribution network, we ensure they get a fair deal. Those bike shops – usually family run – don't just sell bikes; they offer service and advice, keeping our two-wheeled lifestyle sustainable and community-focused. In a nutshell, you're not just buying a bike – you're signing up for a top-notch riding experience for a greener, more pedal-powered community. How's that for a win-win? 🚴💚🌎
  • Have you paid all anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties levied by EU when you import them into EU?
    Yes, we've taken care of all anti-dumping and countervailing duties levied by EU to ensure our bikes arrive without delay or extra cost to you.
  • How does pedal assist work on S1?
    Imagine a ride that adapts to your every push, seamlessly blending your effort with electric power. That's the magic of S1's pedal assist, powered by advanced torque sensors. Unlike the basic cadence sensors that adjust assistance based on pedal speed, our torque sensors ensure that the bike's support feels intrinsically linked to how hard you pedal, providing a ride that’s both intuitive and exhilarating.
  • How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
    From zero to hero in just 4-6 hours. Our 3Ah official charger swiftly and safely recharges your S1’s battery.
  • Is it legal to have the ambient light?
    Our ambient light isn't just for show; it's a beacon in the darkness, especially during those endless Nordic winter nights. Yet, some places only permit the essential head and tail lights. If your S1 arrives without ambient light due to these laws, but you're sure it's allowed in your city, let's talk at – we're here to shine a light.
  • How to switch on/off the ambient light?
    Your retailer is your go-to guide. Alternatively, our support team at is always ready to help.
  • Can I connect my phone with S1 via bluetooth?
    While the S1 stands on the simplicity of design, we're not in the business of limiting horizons. Direct Bluetooth connectivity isn't available yet, but we're collaborating with third-party innovators to link your S1 experience with your digital world. Watch this space for accessories that keep you connected. Check our accessories on offer here.
  • How can I unlock the speed limit?
    We get it, speed thrills. But with great velocity comes great responsibility. Our S1, while capable on varied terrains, is set to a prudent 25km/h to ensure your safety and compliance with local laws. Adventure awaits, but let's not hurry past safety.
  • Is there an off-road model where I can ride faster?
    The S1 doesn’t just adapt to the road less traveled—it thrives on it. Engineered for the adventure seekers, with sturdy tires and dual suspension, it invites you to chart new paths. Just gear up safely, helmet included, and let the exploration begin.
  • Can I increase the torque for a stronger push?
    Our collaboration with Bafang has fine-tuned the S1’s 250W motor to deliver a robust 55N.m torque, ensuring you conquer those climbs with ease. While pushing for more power might tempt, it's a delicate dance with speed we’re mindful of.
  • Can I customize the color of my S1?
    Your uniqueness is our command. While the S1 already stands out with its sleek design and finishing, we’re exploring a palette of possibilities and collaborations with artisan painters to bring your color dreams to life – stay tuned for a rainbow of options!
  • Is S1 waterproof? Can I ride or park it in the rain?
    Designed to brave the elements, the S1 is water-resistant, ready for light rain and splashes. But let's keep it above water and refrain from heavy rains and deep puddles where the frame may get submerged in water.
  • How can I best maintain my S1?
    To ensure your S1 is always in peak form, we recommend a wellness check every six months. This includes tire pressure, brake functionality, gear lubrication, and battery health assessments.
  • Who should I contact if there’s a problem?
    Begin with your retailer for any S1 queries. And our support team is ready to assist through live chat or email at Here to help, anytime.
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