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Fuel every ride with

Pedal. Discover. Enjoy.

Live an ebike lifestyle.

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We are here for a singular purpose.

Enrich every ride, and empower every rider to achieve more, with a unique Nordic flair.

We believe a ride on an ebike should be more than just a means of transportation. It should be an opportunity for inspiration, exploration and achievement.
Whether it's a daily commute, an adventure, or a trip of self-discovery, we strive to make every ride an enriching and empowering journey, with a Nordic touch of simplicity, resilience and sustainability.
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Kuiperbelt S1

The amazing Sport Utility eBike that defines a new category and a new way of ebiking.

Kuiperbelt S1

Find us

Find one of our retail points near you, for test ride, purchase and services.

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Kuiperbelt Tire
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Lifestyle system

Our curated array of accessories and ecofriendly gadgets and gear. All for your comfort, safety and style when ebiking.

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Kuiperbelt S1 Frame


Who we are, why are we here, what are we hoping to achieve, and how we approach design.

Kuiperbelt S1

Conquer any path, in any weather. The Sport Utility eBike for every occasion that matters.

Embrace boundless freedom of riding with this Sport Utility eBike. A great everyday companion to help you accomplish all your daily missions while enjoying a pleasurable ride.
Kuiperbelt S1

Our design ethos

Mission-based design, for an ebike lifestyle system worthy of love.

Our formula for design makes every mission count. Based on real tasks, events or projects that you need to do daily, we design bikes and accessories as a system, so that they can work together as solutions for the mission possible.
Kuiperbelt Formula
Kuiperbelt Lifestyle

Be ready for your next ride.

There's no wrong weather. Only wrong clothing.

Contact us

Glad to meet you, always.

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No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

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For any questions regarding our ebikes or lifestyle, contact us through email, chat or the contact form.

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If you are interested in working with us, as a distributor, dealer, co-creation partner or team member, let's discuss!

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