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For an enriched ebike lifestyle.

We challenge the status quo for a more purposeful and impactful micro-mobility lifestyle.

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On this page you will find everything about the Kuiperbelt brand.

Our mission

Redefine the way riders connect with ebikes.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle

We design, create and advocate a lifestyle system that helps riders explore new adventures and make the most out of ebiking.

We do this through purposefully combining functional, practical and beautiful utility ebikes and a curated selection of accessories to make ebiking convenient, reliable and in style.

Our revolutionary approach amplifies the cross-over concept, ushering a new ear of productivity and sheer enjoyment on the road.

Our brand name comes from the Kuiper Belt, a ring around the solar system. 


We are building the Kuiper Belt of your ebiking universe, with products and services that revolve around your everyday needs.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle

Design ethos

The harmony of Nordic simplicity and urban modernity. Functional, beautiful, balanced.

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Sustainable manufacturing

We work closely with prototyping and manufacturing partners to prioritize recycled aluminum and plastic in our designs and reduce material waste in our molding, casting and painting processes.

Eco-friendlier marketing

Marketing is where it gets tricky - brands are tempted to use all sorts of assets to create visual appeal, but many are made of non-recyclable plastic and paper. To avoid excessive waste, we embed waste-minimization standards into our design and marketing processes, ensuring that most, if not all, non-virtual marketing productions can be reused or recycled.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle

Sustainability auditing & advisory

We work with sustainability experts to conduct annual sustainability audits and advise us on how we can pioneer sustainable manufacturing, logistics and business operations practices in our industry.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle

Eco-friendlier packaging & logistics

To keep e-bikes safe through their long journey to your local shop without compromising our commitment to sustainability, we work with packaging designers and experts to develop unique packaging solutions that protect your e-bike effectively while minimizing our carbon footprint.

These principles guide every line we draw and every component we select.  Functionality is paramount; each bike is meticulously engineered to perform seamlessly, ensuring reliability and ease of use in a variety of urban landscapes. Yet, we never sacrifice beauty; our ebikes boast a timeless aesthetic, marrying clean lines with a modern touch to create bikes that are not only tools but also works of art.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle
Kuiperbelt Formula

Our formula for design makes every mission count. Based on real tasks, events or projects that you need to accomplish in life, we design bikes and accessories as a system, so that they can work together as solutions for the mission possible.

The key missions we design our ebikes for:

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle


Carbon-neutral is a mindset.

From Day 1, we set a standard of reducing waste, using recyclable and recycled materials, and holding our partners accountable to sustainability standards throughout the supply chain.


Let's grow and thrive, together.

We are keen to partner with like-minded brands, for events, campaigns, design and more. Just send an email to, or fill out the contact form here.
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