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Utility ebikes with a flair

Functional, practical, beautiful. Great everyday companions to help you do more.

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On this page you will find everything about Kuiperbelt S1

Kuiperbelt S1

Sport Utility eBike

The everyday utility ebike for all terrains, weather conditions and missions in life, with unlimited possibilities of accessorization.
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*vary by region. VAT inclusive.

Ready to boost with power

Our powerful motor, smooth transition system, ergonomic design and industry-leading battery pack offers unparalleled performance and an enjoyable experience.


EPAC Bafang motor with maximum torque of 55N.m.


LG 21700-cell lithium-ion battery for extended range. 20Ah and 25Ah batteries available as accessories.

Kuiperbelt S1

Ultra comfortable and stable

Cover long distances. Ride smoothly and safely on rugged terrains and challenging weather conditions.


Front and rear suspension systems seamlessly blended into the frame body for strong shock absoption.


Tires made of extra-elastic rubber for greater stability.


Ride in the dark with front, rear and middle ambient lights.

Kuiperbelt S1

Kuiperbelt S1

Probably one of the most accessorizable ebikes yet.

The hues of the Nordic wilderness. Our palette of five unique colors is not just a choice, it's an appreciation to the raw beauty and resilience of nature.

The Diamond frame

Our proprietary diamond-shaped frame design ensures stability and ergonomic comfort while also providing a convenient and secure place to stash your coffee, keys, mobile phone and all the other miscellaneous items you need to keep handy.

Kuiperbelt S1

The carriage system

Tag along. Clip on. Wrap around. With modularized design, we provide multiple carriage platforms for anything you want to carry with you. Already have some gear? Our connecting sockets make sure nothing goes wasted.

Kuiperbelt Lifestyle
Our modularized design enables transforming the ebike for added functionality and storage space with a full set of accessories and extensions designed to accomplish every mission in life—whether it’s shopping, picking up kids, or hitting the trails.

Kuiperbelt S1

Handpicked colors, straight from the Nordic nature.

Kuiperbelt S1

A tranquil canvas veiled.

Magic's brilliance in view.

Profound musings unfold.

A fantastical journey, untold.

Starry Black

Kuiperbelt S1

Nature's depth revealed.

A dreamy canvas in sway, anew.

A patient dialogue with whispers of peace.

Gently play, the cosmic view.

Snowy Grey

Kuiperbelt S1

Hues of brown.

Scattered warmth gently found.

Nature's symphony echoes near.

The heartbeat of the earth, sincere.

Island Beige

Pure serenity's embrace.

Magic's brilliance in view.

Souls purified with grace.

Resilience of life on display.

Nordic Blue

Kuiperbelt S1
Kuiperbelt S1

Lies the Arctic's vibrant hue.

Nature's depth revealed anew.

A patient dialogue with the cosmic view.

Arctic Navy

Kuiperbelt S1

A closer look at the details.

  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061

    Patent design in the European Union and the USA.

  • Motor: Bafang 250W EPAC

    Maximum Torque: 55Nm

    Sensor: Torque Sensor

    Battery Voltage: 48V

    Battery Capacity: 15Ah, LG21700 cell (20Ah and 25Ah optional)

    Derailleur: Single-speed

    Brake: TEKTRO Hydraulic Brake, Double-Cylinder

    Front Suspension: Hydraulic Lift (with lockout)

    Back Suspension: Hydraulic Lift
    Maximum Load:

    Tire: CST Scout 20x4.0"
    Seat Height / Length: 85,5cm / 39cm

    Total Weight: 40kg (including battery, excluding packaging)

    Dimensions: 178/74/105cm (box: 180/28/107cm)

  • All warranty and maintenance services are provided by Kuiperbelt's authorized distributor and/or retailer at your point of purchase, unless the purchase is directly made through one of Kuiperbelt's own channels. Below are warranty terms provided by Kuiperbelt.

    2-year brand warranty for motor, frame and battery.

    1-year brand warranty for other spareparts.

    Replace, not repair, for damages or defective parts in conditions where spareparts are immediately available.

    *Always refer to the Terms & Conditions specified in your purchase order, receipt or online policy.

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