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Make more out of each ride.

Unlock the full potential and maximize your ebiking productivity with accessories and gear designed to help you achieve more.

On this page you will find an ecosystem of accessories for different purposes.


Carriage system


Front rack

For things you normally would put in a bike basket - small bags, groceries and flowers. 

  • Aluminium alloy with matte black coating

  • Bars can be flexibly attached to fit pannier bags of different sizes

  • Max load: 10kg


Rear rack

The stable platform to do a lot of heavy-lifting securely - pets, child, and loads of goods.

  • Aluminium alloy with matte black coating

  • Fortified tubes for stronger support

  • Bars can be flexibly attached to fit pannier bags of different sizes

  • Tail reflector included

  • Max load: 25kg


Mid rack

Small but flexible. A unique mounting platform for you to be creative - key bag, water bottle, coffee cup...clip them onto the holder and off you go.


Trailer connector

Never let your old trailer or cart stay in the storage for too long! We offer connectors as universal adapters to link most ebike trailers.

Kuiperbelt Accessory
Kuiperbelt Accessory
Kuiperbelt Lifestyle


Multi-purpose rack

Paying homage to our Nordic roots, this light but mighty rack is the ideal companion for your skiing, skating, fishing or golfing trip, with superior convertibility.



Safeto A

All-season helmet

Hit the road safely with your head safeguarded. Not only for safety, but also with style.


  • Colors: matte black, matte white and metal silver

  • Comfortable inner padding, 
    webbing and buckle

  • 3D adjuster for the perfect fit

  • 5 ventilation holes for breathable wear

Kuiperbelt Accessory


Rain cover (foldable)

Shield your ebike with our rain cover, crafted from durable, high-density fabric. Keep your ebike dry, protected, and ready for your next journey any time.


  • Colors: Black

  • Easily folded and storage in a separate bag

Kuiperbelt Accessory
Kuiperbelt Accessory




Dual-rider saddle

Double the fun. Designed for comfort and companionship on the road for two people.

  • Durable PU leather

  • Ergonomic design with ultra-comfort foam inside

Kuiperbelt Accessory
Kuiperbelt Lifestyle




Pocket for keys & cards

Your compact solution for carrying essentials on the go. This small pocket bag is expertly designed to secure multiple keys and cards in a durable, timeless fashion.

Kuiperbelt Accessory


Mobile phone holder

​Phone holder with quality and style!  Mounted on the handlebar and suitable for most phones.

  • Color: metal silver

  • Spiral telescopic clamp, secure grip that won't shake off

  • 360-degree rotation to switch easily between portrait and landscape mode

  • Silicone shock-absorbing pad

Kuiperbelt Accessory
Kuiperbelt Accessory


Thank you, our co-creators!

Kuiperbelt Partners
Kuiperbelt Partners
We work with a group of ecosystem partners to bring this lifestyle to life. Each brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in their conscientious use of recyclable, recycled, or reused materials, contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.
Interested in joining forces with us?
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We'd be happy to hear from you and discuss how we can collaborate.
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